The fastest charging car in the world – The Tesla Model 3

Accompanied by a list of caveats, nothing surprising


It seems like we can’t get through a single week without TESLA NEWS, and this week’s TESLA NEWS is that the Model 3 has officially been declared the fastest charging electric car in the world.

Naturally with conditions, of course. A firmware update – rolling out this weekend – for European Model 3s with the Long Range battery option will allow them to charge at 200kW when using specific ‘ultrafast’ chargers.

Simply speaking, 200kW equates to 850 miles for each hour of charging. Given the Long Range version quotes at 329 miles on a full battery, your stops at service stations might be about to get a whole lot snappier.

Tesla has told us that this is only the beginning of such convenience. “When our own V3 Supercharger technology is introduced, these cars will be able to charge even faster at 250kW peak charge rates.”