The Brabham BT62 is cheaper as an actual racecar


The Brabham Automotive BT62 you should know by now. It’s a 700bhp V8-powered track special that, if you ask nicely (and give them more money), they’ll convert to road spec for you.

Or race spec. Revealed today is your other option when ordering a Brabham BT62, Competition specification. It’s lighter than standard, being stripped out and ready for racing. It’s wrapped rather than painted and the interior trim has all been thrown in the bin. All of which makes it cheaper than standard, a full £250,000 sliced from its price which is now an entirely affordable £750,000 before tax.

The standard BT62 is so focused, nothing else has had to change for a motorsport variant: its centre-locking wheels, pneumatic jack system and removable steering wheel all carry over neatly. Brabham’s aim is to have the BT62 racing in GTE class at Le Mans before long, so designed the car ready for it from the off.

So, how are you speccing yours? Road, track or cut-price race version?