The Aston Martin DBX SUV

Aston Martin has officially began production in its new Welsh factory


Aston Martin’s brand-new St. Athan factory in south Wales has now started building its very first cars. And what might these cars be? Pre-production versions of the DBX with a slightly-less camouflage paint job than we’ve seen before.

What do you think of Aston’s first ever SUV? Obviously that front grille means you won’t be able to mistake it for any other brand. But is it sacrilege or just smart business sense?

The DBX will debut at the end of 2019 and the St. Athan factory is set to begin full production in early 2020. This means that Aston is bringing 750 new jobs for the surrounding Vale of Glamorgan area – bravo Aston.

Interestingly enough, the factory itself was originally RAF hangars at one point, which Aston converted. The entire property is about 90-acres. Although the DBX is not the only model that will roll off its production lines – it’ll be Aston’s ‘Home of Electrification’, meaning all future Lagonda models will pass through its doors.

Remember when the factory floor was slightly emptier and Aston’s works drivers took it upon themselves to christen it with a few powerslides?