The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series costs £335,000


Struggling to gauge just how serious a thing the new AMG GT Black Series is? Let us help by offering up some all-important context, in the form of its asking price.

If you want to own one of the few Black Series that’ll end up in the UK, you’ll need to hand Mercedes at least £335,000 or around 13.7 million THB. Which is a lot of money. £146,655 or 6 million baht more than the already quite serious AMG GT R Pro. But how does it compare to others?

Let’s start with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which is – on the face of it – quite similar to the Black Series. It has 690bhp, much lightness and can run the ‘Ring in a hugely fast 6m 47.3s. You can’t buy one anymore, of course, but when you could just a couple of years ago, Porsche was charging £207,506 or 8.5 million baht for the mightiest of all 991-era 911s. Almost a whole Porsche 911 Turbo less than what Merc wants for a Black Series.

Ferrari 488 Pista? Can’t buy one of those new anymore either, but those lucky enough to be on the list would’ve had to part with £252,765 or 10.3 million THB. How about a McLaren 765LT? McLaren hasn’t confirmed how much it’ll cost in the UK, but we know that in the US it’ll cost around $358,000. Equal to about 11.2 million THB to be exact.

The Lambo Aventador SVJ does cost a little more than the Black Series – at £356,000 or 14.5 million THB – but then it does have a bloody great V12 and was much more expensive than the AMG GT to begin with.

Reckon it’ll be worth the money? We can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, click here to read up on the most hardcore AMG you can buy. At least until the One is finally finished…