The Puritalia Berlinetta is a 965bhp hybrid hypercar

Puritalia Berlinetta

If, like us, you completely missed the Puritalia Berlinetta’s debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, we have good news. The Italian “super-hybrid” will be displayed at the Salon Privé show at Blenheim Palace next month, where its maker will announce the appointment of dealerships in the UK and Australia.

This means, presumably, Puritalia has people queueing up to spend their cash on its limited-edition car. The company says it’ll make 150, all of which will feature a proprietary drivetrain that pairs a front-mounted V8 with an electric motor. The result is, supposedly, 965bhp and 920lb ft.

Puritalia Berlinetta

Its structure is carbon-fibre and aluminium, and it claims to feature technology that manages the deployment of battery power through “auto-learning of driving style and cloud-based AI”. The interior is predictably techy, featuring touchscreens, voice control and smartphone integration, while the exhaust is said to benefit from “smart electronic modulation”. Whatever that is.

And naturally the buying experience is said to be pretty special – “reserved for a select elite of car enthusiasts and collectors,” says the company. Each customer will get their own design team to help customise their car.

Price? Dunno. Lots, no doubt. Reckon Puritalia will be around for years to come, or quietly fade away into the quagmire of failed supercar manufacturers?