A Porsche 935 that’s covered zero miles is up for auction


Did you miss the chance to grab one of the 77 Porsche 935s last year? Are you still kicking yourself about it? Rest thine foot for a moment. The Martini-liveried example you see above is set to cross the virtual auction block at the RM Sotheby’s European Sale next month.

The only issue? The track-only Moby Dick tribute cost £750,000 (or 29.5 million THB) when new (just a few months ago) and having been driven a grand total of ZERO miles, this particular one is estimated to go for between £1,145,300 and £1,235,300 (around 45 to 48.5 million THB). And even that seems conservative.

Yes, you read that correctly. This particular modern-day 935 (the second ever built by Porsche) hasn’t been driven once since it was delivered – instead spending its time amongst what is presumably a rather large collection of cars garaged in Monaco. Heck, the wrapping paper hasn’t even been taken off the iconic laminated wood gear knob.

Someone, anyone, please buy this thing and drive it. That 991.2 GT2 RS ClubSport flat six needs running in, and with 700bhp and 553lb ft of torque on tap it shouldn’t be too much of an arduous process.

And if you still need convincing, check out our review of the aero’d up monster by clicking these blue words here.

So, what do we think, Internet? How much will the 935 fetch?