This is a 1,200bhp road-legal Lambo Huracán racer


We have an apology to make. In October 2019 a Norwegian company called Zyrus Engineering announced a new hypercar called the LP1200, and we completely missed it.

We’re not sure how, because the plans look absolutely bonkers. As you can tell, it’s heavily based on the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo – a car which Zyrus campaigns in the limitless, open-spec Norwegian Extreme GT Championship, where most cars run well over 1,000bhp.

Zyrus’s plan is to make two versions of the LP1200; one will be track-only, the other will be road legal – although it’ll still have race car aero, full carbon bodywork and a bespoke twin turbo setup on the 5.2-litre V10 for a total of 1,200bhp. Yikes.

Just 24 will be built and only 12 will be road legal. We don’t know the price yet, but Zyrus claims that 527 parts have been redesigned and that customers can spec a bespoke ‘Owner Driver Support Package’ which includes pro coaching (you’ll need that) and private track events. It’s safe to say this thing will cost more than a week’s wages.

The LP1200 gets some pretty high-end parts too. There’s Öhlins suspension, a Motec ECU, an Xtrac gearbox, an Inconel manifold, a titanium exhaust and carbon ceramic brakes.
Performance? Yep, lots of it. Zyrus states that this is undoubtedly the fastest Lamborghini Huracán ever – not least because its power to weight and downforce ratio is 1:1:1. That means 1,200bhp, 1,200kg and 1,200kg of downforce. Mighty.

After a four-month hiatus the company is back testing, and things will get pretty serious in mid-July when it spends time at Spa and the Nürburgring. Keep an eye out, Internet, this thing could be rather special…

Images: Mellum Media