GM has a new 5.7-litre V8 crate engine… for your truck


General Motors has unveiled an all-new version of its rather iconic 350 small-block V8 engine, although this time it’s been designed with vans, SUVs and trucks in mind. Yep, welcome to America, people.

The 5.7-litre 350 was actually first used way back in 1967 where it powered the first-gen Chevrolet Camaro, but over the years a huge number of variants were developed and the 350 found a home in everything from Corvettes to Blazers and Suburbans.

It was eventually retired in 2003, but now it’s back. In its press release for the new crate engine, GM says that the 350 has been given a brand-new main block, a new cylinder head, new valve covers and even ‘race-proven’ forged steel crankshafts. Race-proven, nice.

There are three applications for the reborn engine, with ‘Gen 1’ covering trucks, vans and SUVs from 1987-1995, ‘Gen 1e LD’ for light-duty trucks from 1996-2002 and ‘Gen 1e HD’ for heavy-duty trucks from 1996-2002.

We haven’t been told how much power each one makes, but we can safely assume there’s plenty of room for improvement once you plug it in.

So, come on then Internet, let’s play the classic crate engine game. Most creative application for the new 350 wins.