Fancy your C8 Corvette with a MASSIVE wing?


Good lord! Look at the size of that rear wing. Looks like California-based tuner Sigala Designs was influenced by the Plymouth Superbird when dreaming up its widebody kit for the new Corvette. That is something else.

Draw your eye away from the wing for a second and you’ll notice that the rest of the kit isn’t exactly subtle, either. Sigala is calling this the C8.RR and, although it might only be rendered here, the whole thing can be pre-ordered in either fibreglass or carbon fibre.

Seriously sharp isn’t it? There’s a vented bonnet, bumper extensions and an ankle-chopping lip extension up front, as well as widebody wheel-arches, a new roof, side skirt extensions and new engine vents to let the 6.2-litre V8 breathe.

Then there’s that rear view. Crikey. The rear diffuser is new of course, as is that quad-exit exhaust system, although there’s no word from Sigala on any performance/acoustic enhancements. We’re sure they’ll say there are ‘some’.

What do you think, Internet? Is this the wildest C8 you’ve seen so far?