Is this the greatest modified Lamborghini Gallardo yet?


Modifying a car tends to make it more of an arse to use every day. Lower it and you’ll be scraping the chin on every multi-storey ramp. Firm up the suspension for better handling and the ride will crock your back. Fit a body kit and people will think you can’t let go of your late teenage years. It’s a minefield.

But what if you want to modify your supercar so that it actually works in a field that has been blown to bits by mines? Well, the images above prove it can certainly be done.

Yep, that’s an off-road ready Lamborghini Gallardo. Amazing.

Now, it’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen a go-anywhere Lambo (we’re not including you here, Urus). In fact, earlier this year Lamborghini themselves gave us the Huracan Sterrato – a jacked-up, hardened version of the V10 supercar. They even let us have a go.

The diligent among you may also remember the ItalDesign Parcour concept from a while back. That was based on the Gallardo’s 4WD chassis, but the grey bull above is far more Sterrato-like.

Of course, the suspension has been lifted pretty significantly, but there are also some heavy-duty arch extensions and a roof rack. Roof racks on Lamborghinis – there’s a mini-series surely.

Thankfully, the modifier (whomever they may be) also remembered to fit an LED lightbar – because everything is better with lightbars.

But now we come to the best news of all. This exact Gallardo is currently for sale via Classic Youngtimers Consultancy in the Netherlands. The price? Roughly £102,000 accounting for exchange rates.

Prepping for the apocalypse? Best get your offer in quickly…


Images: Ansho Bijlmakers/Noël van Bilsen