The Flying Spur Estate: a car Bentley must build

We just need to pester them a little into doing it.


For luxurious, practical transportation, SUVs are the current flag-bearers. Markets like China are demanding that everyone from Bentley to Rolls-Royce and Ferrari make a jacked-up, speedy limo of sorts; that’s why we are now seeing the Bentayga, Cullinan and soon-to-be-released Purosangue.

But anyone with 1) an interest in cars, 2) half a brain cell or 3) kids, knows that a practical estate ticks all the boxes (and more) that an SUV does but in a less offensive kinda way. This is exactly why the campaign for a hyper-luxury load-lugger starts here, with this: the Bentley Flying Spur Estate.

We obviously know that this isn’t a concept by Bentley, but rather two fictitious mock-ups by pixel wizards on the internet. But think about it for a moment, luxo uber estates are a completely untapped sector. Who knows, it could be as valuable as four-wheeled gold or Bitcoin. Just look at it! It’s purposeful and majestic. Not to mention the 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 producing 626bhp and 664lb ft. These are numbers good enough to achieve 0-62mph in 3.8secs and a wonderfully pointless 207mph top speed, too.

Now imagine putting the kids and hounds in that. Or going skiing. Or fitting some mountain bikes to the back. Summer holidays and school runs would never be so boring again. Unless you own a Bentayga, that is. But everyone (apart from the millions of people duped by a taller ride height and marketing departments to buy SUVs) knows an estate is a cooler alternative, right?

So, would you rather a Bentayga or this? Let us know below.