Jaguar has fitted its Formula E cars with traffic sign recognition


Back in December last year, the Jaguar I-Pace gained an extra 12 miles of real-world range thanks to a free-of-charge, over-the-air update using knowledge gained from the I-Pace eTrophy racer.

It was a classic example of racing tech and knowhow making its way onto the road, said Jag, but now it seems as though the roles have been reversed…

That’s because – strange as it may sound – Jaguar’s I-Type 4 Formula E racer now features the traffic sign recognition system from the aforementioned I-Pace. Interesting.

Jag says the ‘Digital Vision’ tech is able to calculate the optimum energy strategy for each I-Type, and that it can adapt that strategy in real-time during the race. But that’s not all, it can also predict the energy strategy of other cars on the grid by using the state-of-charge data that is shown to race viewers. That could mean Jag drivers would know to push harder when others are in power-saving modes. Very clever, although it might leave a few strategists fearing for their jobs.

Also, given that Formula E takes place on street circuits, we hope they remember to turn off the adaptive speed limiter system. What do we think, Internet?