Crikey, it’s a BMW X7 equipped with M parts


Wow. Okay. This is a thing then, is it? BMW’s M people have decided that what the X7 really needed was a sporty body kit and some gloss black trim, and the result is certainly rather striking.

The X7 is mighty fast on track for a seven-seat SUV – the M50d version will lap the Nürburgring in the same time as an old V8-engined E90 M3, for god’s sake – but is it in its character to shout about that?

Well, it can be now. If you fancy it. According to BMW, the new M Performance Parts are “the result of extensive motorsport expertise gained on the world’s race tracks.”

On the outside, the set includes a gloss black grille and side panel, painted brake callipers, carbonfibre wing mirrors and a set of 22-inch forged wheels. On the inside you get an M Performance steering wheel with Alcantara grips and a red centre mark, as well as M-branded floor mats and many other M logos.

There’s also an M Performance key holder that’s made of Alcantara rather than the X7’s usual leather.

We haven’t heard any word on pricing yet. But if you were speccing up BMW’s ultra-SUV, is there anything out of this lot you’d tick the box for?