AC Schnitzer has tarted up the BMW X5


AC Schnitzer has yet to reveal details of the performance programme it has planned for the BMW X5. The German tuner is currently doing Things to the M50i and 30d variants, of which we will be told more news in due course.

What they have disclosed is a raft of suspension and aero upgrades to turn BMW’s 5 Series-on-stilts into something a little lower to the ground and pointier. Like a 5 Series.

First up, for those X5s not equipped with air suspension, AC Schnitzer offers a lowered spring kit which drops the car by up to 25mm front and back. Next up come a set of wheel spacers, which add 12mm of width per side, for better stance. And, y’know, handling. But mostly stance.

Various wheel and tyre combinations are available – though AC Schnitzer points out you can use standard BMW items on the wheel spacers should you want to. The AC jobs run up to 22in in size, and we’re told “there are virtually no limits to the appearance of AC Schnitzer wheel sets with regard to their individuality”. Make of that what you will.

Finally, we come to the most obvious tweaks – the aero. There’s a new front spoiler, a roof-mounted wing (on an SUV, remember), bonnet vents, foils, and many badges. AC Schnitzer says the aero helps with downforce, which as any budding helmsmith will confirm, is of vital importance in a big SUV.

“With all these measures,” explains AC Schnitzer, “the new ‘The Boss’ X5 G05 is certainly equipped for all challenges.” Each bit comes separately, so you can cherry pick the things you most like the sound of.

We’ll report back once more POWER has been added…