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This is the facelifted...

Last year, a brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan rolled off the production line every 35 seconds in one of four factories across the globe. Yep, the world has gone crossover mad. Now though, Volkswagen has the tricky task of giving this second-generation a facelift, and as you might expect it has played things very safe indeed. This is Facelift 101 – new bumpers front and rear, new headlights, a new infotainment system and fresh powertrains. No messing.

The new BMW M3...

We all need some good news at the moment, right? And that good news has arrived with confirmation that the new BMW M3 and M4 are very nearly here, and they’ll arrive with a choice of manual or paddleshift gearboxes, and rear or four-wheel drive. As is the small M car way these days, there’ll be a 3.0-litre straight-six turbo engine up front, offering a ‘significant increase in performance’ over the old M3 and M4.

AC Cars has built...

Well, here’s something we didn’t expect to see today. The modern-day iteration of AC Cars is bringing the iconic Cobra kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, with a limited run of all-electric iterations. Yep, you heard that right. What you see above is the Series 1 electric – designed to look exactly like the first generation of Cobra built in 1962, but with a 230kW (304bhp) electric motor and 54kWh battery pack under that composite body.

The Land Rover Defender...

We know the new Land Rover Defender pretty well by now. The fact it managed to live up to the tidal wave of hype before its reveal says a lot - it’s pretty blooming spiffing. The main criticism? “Launch versions are too posh and high-spec to be true workhorses,” to directly quote our new Defender review. Issues which are kinda fixed by what you see here. It’s the Defender Hard Top, and it’s to all intents and purposes the Defender commercial vehicle the true nerds will get most excited for.

This is a 1,200bhp...

We have an apology to make. In October 2019 a Norwegian company called Zyrus Engineering announced a new hypercar called the LP1200, and we completely missed it.  We’re not sure how, because the plans look absolutely bonkers. As you can tell, it’s heavily based on the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo – a car which Zyrus campaigns in the limitless, open-spec Norwegian Extreme GT Championship, where most cars run well over 1,000bhp.

This is the new...

Another day, another facelift. Today it’s the turn of the Q5, Audi’s answer to the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC and, by all accounts, a pretty good car. Looks much the same as the old one, though keen eyes may notice the shallower, wider grille, bigger side air intakes and redesigned sills (that give the impression of more ground clearance). The headlights are de rigueur LEDs with new DRLs. Around back a chrome strip connects the new taillights and the lower bumper has been restyled.

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